Faith Bible Institute (FBI) is a through the Bible course for every Christian.  Students will study chronologically through the ENTIRE BIBLE & systematically through every major doctrine. Yet classes meet once per week. 

Over 30,000 laypersons and pastors have enrolled in FBI's three-year study. FBI combines solid verse by verse Bible teaching with an interactive video format utilizing student workbooks,  charts,  maps and visuals to produce a life changing learning experience. The three-year course is divided into 6 semesters of 17-18 weeks each. Classes are filmed live at FBI's central location (Rowland Road Baptist Church, Monroe, LA) and are then viewed by DVD at satellite Schools. 

North Rock Baptist Temple is proud to be one of the over 4000 church campuses worldwide to host Faith Bible Institute, and the only campus in the Topeka area. We offer two class times to help meet busy schedules. Our evening class meets Mondays at 6:00 pm. (Alternate daytime class meets Fridays at 9:00 am)

The Fall semester begins Monday August 19th at 6:00 pm. New students are welcome to sit in on the first two nights of class at no charge, and under no obligation, allowing you to try it before you register.


- 100% Bible centered (KJV) Baptist, Conservative, and Fundamental in nature.

- Chronological - Study the Bible in the order the events actually took place.

- Comprehensive - Covering Every Book (usually verse by verse) & Every Major Doctrine of the Bible.

- Practical & Exciting - with an emphasis on Personal Life Application in every lesson


New students may enroll at the beginning of any semester

Semester Two - Fall 2022

Bible 102 - The Exodus & The Promised Land

Bible 202 - The Life of Christ II

Theology 222 - The Book of Acts


Semester Three - Spring 2023

Bible 103 - The Judges & The Single Kingdom of Israel

Bible 213 - New Testament Epistles I

Bible 123 - Hebrew Wisdom Literature


Semester Four - Fall 2023

Bible 114 - The Separate Kingdoms of Israel & Judah

Bible 214 - New Testament Epistles II

Theology 214 - Doctrine of Salvation


Semester Five - Spring 2024

Bible 115 - The Decline and Fall of Israel & Judah

Bible 215 - New Testament Epistles III

Theology 215 - Doctrines of the Holy Spirit, Satan & Man


Semester Six - Fall 2024

Bible 106 - The Exile and Restoration of Israel and Judah

Bible 216 - New Testament Epistles IV 

Theology 216 - Doctrines of Christ & Sin


Semester One - Spring 2025

Bible 101 - The Beginning & The Hebrew Fathers

Bible 201 - The Life of Christ I

Theology 201 - Doctrines of God & The Bible

(Course Cycle Repeats Every 3 years)


Bible College Diploma - for those completing the Basic Curriculum.

Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies - for those completing the Basic Curriculum & Elective courses

Certificate of Completion - for Auditing Students who meet basic attendance and homework requirements.

Letter of Recognition - for Auditing Students who meet basic attendance requirements.



Standard Fees                                              Other Fees

Application Fee        $25                           First Time Enrollment (TFE)   $42 (Not required for Spouse)

Tuition                       $72                            Late Fee (LF)                            $28

Total                           $97

Discounts: 50% Tuition discount for spouses & FBI graduates ($36 Tuition + $25 App Fee = $61 Total)

TOTALS      (Includes $25 App Fee, Tuition & all other fees)

                                                           (Early)              (Late)

First Time Student Totals                  $139                 $167

Returning Student Total                    $97                   $125

Spouse or Graduate Total                  $61                   $89


Fall Semester Online Enrollment Dates

New Students               (early) April 1 - July 1        (late) July 2 - class 2

Returning Students    (early) March 1-31              (late) April 1- class 2

Spring Semester Online Enrollment Dates

New Students               (early) Oct 1 - Nov 15        (late) Nov 16 - class 2

Returning Students     (early) Oct 1-31                  (late) Nov 1 - class 2